Prince George Casino Treasure Cove

After a month of testing and wagering thousands of dollars I can say with no doubt that Prince George, BC, Treasure Cove Casino has very poor odds. Playing some of the more popular dollar machines payouts were for me were less than 25%, and within a short few hours thousands lost. So I tested again, again and again to make sure. Each time little play on the amount spent and gone within a couple hours.

How does Prince George BC Treasure Cove Casino compare with online casinos? Well there is no comparison; online casinos have way better odds. Sure there is off days but not every time you play. Tens of thousands of dollars played at Treasure Cove and you will probably never hit a big jackpot of 10k or more. Online in the casinos it is very common to hit 10k or more. My best win was 175k within a 12 hour run. Even if you get on a winning streak at Treasure Cove it will end as fast as it came taking back most if not all of your winnings. Where online the winning streak may last hours and hours. Many times at online casinos I have won 20k to 50k in a session which is similar to Vegas odds.

Any of the online casinos listed are excellent casinos with better odds than Treasure Cove Casino, in Prince George BC.